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PUL MAXI-classic, recycled-patterns

15,00  - 32,50  VAT

When you buy one piece, you buy one diaper piece or 0.5 mb of PUL knitted fabric in the variant of your choice.


Deciding to buy several pieces, the knitted fabric will be sent to you in one piece.


MAXI version patterns. These are enlarged versions of individual patterns, for those who like large pieces or spectacular booms. They're perfect for a large diaper bag or a foundation for a bed or changing table.

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PUL is a knitted polyester fabric laminated with a polyurethane membrane. Recycled PUL is a knitted polyester fabric made from recycled yarn. The recycled yarn was produced by processing used plastic beverage bottles.

The PUL knitted fabric was knitted, printed and laminated in Poland, and OekoTex Standard 100 certified materials were used.

Covering the polyester knitted fabric with a membrane with pores in its structure makes it vapor-permeable and allows moisture to escape to the outside.

The PUL is laminated on the inside, without printing.

PUL available in our store is not impregnated at the factory. If you would like to enhance your diapers, we encourage you to take a look at our hydrophobic coating, which does not reduce the vapor permeability of PUL.

Knit width: 145-155 cm* We cut all fabrics by hand, so we enormously ask for your understanding and take into account the possible margin of error of +/- 2 cm.

A diaper piece is the so-called format ideal for sewing one diaper (we know cases of cutting even two diapers 🙂 ), that is, a rectangle of about 50 cm x 50 cm*.

For recycled PUL, it is not possible to order a diaper piece. From time to time, different patterns fall into the section OUTLET, we encourage you to look into it.

*Differences depend on the degree of shrinkage of a particular batch of PUL.

PUL knitted fabric does not change dimensions during washing, it does not need to be decatized before sewing.

How to take care of PUL knitted fabric?

  • The maximum washing temperature is 60*C,
  • do not chlorinate,
  • do not bleach,
  • do not use oxygen products,
  • do not iron,
  • in case of drying in tumble dryers, please leave the PUL to "cool down"-stretching the material, folding or filling diapers with heat carries the risk of delamination.

PUL knitted fabric can be used for many projects. It is ideal for sewing:

  • reusable: diapers, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads or breast pads as an outer layer,
  • Menstrual panties as an inner layer to prevent leaks,
  • bags for the above products,
  • Aprons and bibs for children,
  • adult diapers and bibs,
  • protection mats,
  • bed pads,
  • animal diapers.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

Cosmic boy, Cosmic boy retro, Little Dreamer- recycled PUL, Flying girl, Field flowers- recycled PUL, Night flowers maroon- recycled PUL, Night flowers dark brown- recycled PUL, Sunflowers- recycled PUL, Flying girl- recycled black background


Diaper piece, 0.5 mb