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Hydrophobic coating for PUL

45,00  VAT

Hydrophobic coating for PUL for a space-simple self-application! A dopey liquid sealed in a bottle that will give your favorite PUL water repellent properties.

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Have you ever had a diaper leak, despite correct placement and careful selection of absorbency? Would you like a few diapers from your beloved pile to be surefooted diapers with which you can leave your Toddler in the care of someone else without worrying about leaks? Have your diapers developed minor membrane damage? Have your favorite diapers lost their factory waterproofing and you've enjoyed using them? Or maybe you just like the extra waterproofing of PUL? Are you tired of hard-to-wash stains on your bibs or aprons? If you answered yes to any of the questions we have the perfect solution for you!

Hydrophobic coating for PUL for a space-saving self-application!

A pourable liquid enclosed in a bottle that will give your favorite PUL water repellent properties.

What is our shell?

  • Safe for humans and the environment,
  • Organic, consisting of only two substances,
  • Odorless and not visible to the naked eye,
  • not changing the vapor-permeable properties of the PUL,
  • durable, maintaining its properties for up to 13 or even 15 washes
  • AND most importantly... cosmically simple to apply!

It is enough to thoroughly spray the material from the side without the membrane from a fairly close distance- 10 cm. If a finished pocket diaper or AIO is to be impregnated, avoid covering the absorbent material with the liquid. Then leave to dry for 24 hours. And... you can enjoy the impregnation on your favorite PUL.

What gives impregnation?

  • significantly reduces the risk of diaper leakage,
  • Extends the life of a diaper with minor membrane damage,
  • Eliminates the problem of washing out stubborn stains on bibs/ aprons,

Composition: SiO2, water

Bottle capacity: 100 ml